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Hi, I'm Marcus!

I am a software developer with a passion for frontend development, user interfaces and multimedia technology. I love working on human-centered software and creating the best user experience possible.
I know the web stack inside and out, especially frontend technologies such as React.js, Redux, Next.js, Node.js, Electron.js, JS, HTML & CSS.
Apart from that I have a strong interest in UX, an eye for good design and a guitar always near to my desk.

For the last few years I have mainly developed web apps, interactive exhibits and backend systems for museums and showrooms. Here you can see a selection of projects I most recently worked on.

You can reach me via mail github or linkedin

Professional Projects

Exhibition wall with screens and text panels
  • at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
  • 2022
  • role: Application and Backend Developer

Small showroom for the Fraunhofer Institute in Nürnberg.

I participated in the creation of several POI systems, a light installation with ArtNet DMX control and a fully functional backend for exhibition control and content management.

Showroom Fraunhofer IIS

Inside of the Deutsche Romantik Museum
  • at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
  • 2021
  • role: Application and Backend Developer

I was part of the project team creating an exhibition consisting of more than 30 digital exhibits and a complete backend structure with a cms and deployment pipeline.

My main focus in the project was on implementing a handful of interactive exhibits and a software for video playback. All software was written using web technologies (react + redux + nw.js).

Deutsches Romantik Museum Frankfurt

Screenshot of the "chronotopos romantik" showing an interactive map
  • at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
  • 2021
  • role: Fullstack Developer

As part of the "Deutsche Romantik Museum" project we created an interactive web experience. The application is based on the same data set as one of the main exhibits in the museum and explores the whereabouts of over 30 protagonists of european romanticism.

I did the implementation back to front using statamic cms, next.js and tailwind. For the interactive map using leaflet.js and a custom set of map tiles served by an self-hosted tile server.

Person interacting with a point of information kiosk
  • at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
  • 2021
  • role: Application Developer

As part of the project team I implemented a digital guestbook and a POI system for the museums foyer.

Both are react and electron based applications with some special hardware and input devices attached. Being a museum covering the topic of blindness, the digital guestbook has text to speech and voice recording abilities. For the kiosk system in the foyer I did the integration of a photo booth feature as well as a donation system offering both a classic coin slot and contactless payment.

Dialogmuseum Frankfurt

Person using a tablet in front of a wall-mounted screen
  • at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
  • 2020
  • role: Application and Backend Developer

As part of the project team I participated in the implementation of an interconnected show room experience. Visitors are handed tablets by which they can scan nfc tags to get certain information or control wall screen applications in the exhibition. All tablets and exhibits are in the same exhibition network and communicate via mqtt with each other and a node-red backend.

KVWL dipraxis

Personal Projects

Screenshot of the online metronome website
  • 2022
  • role: Design and Development

As a musician myself I never found an online metronome that fitted all my needs. So I created one myself.

The metronome is a mobile first PWA created with SvelteKit and the WebAudio API. The app is open source and can be found on my github.

Screenshot of the the "Sloe Paul" website showing a portrait of a person
  • 2020
  • role: Design and Fullstack Development

A digital home for Sloe Paul where I am also part of the live band.